Snowball Fight Anyone?
You can see me?

My name's Jack Frost and I'm the guardian of Fun. Go ahead and say hi, I don't bite... normally.

M!A = Is in despreate need for release but can't get it without help (ends Tuesday)

(Independent Jack Frost rp blog. None of the art is mine unless stated. Might get NSFW. I ship mostly everything but my favorites are Hijack, BennettFrost and Dark Jack/Jack Frost. My Jack is a little bit awkward and shy when it comes to relations because he didn't really get the chance to date anyone for 300 years.)

Snowball fight anyone?




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who the fuck is snapchatting in the serenghetti

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dating an identical twin scares me bc what if i get them confused

i read a book once where this girl was romantically involved with this guy who had a twin and they would punk her all the time and be like which one is your boyfriend you have to kiss the right one and then it turned out one of them was evil and trapped her in a dungeon with a bunch of rats or some shit

but that’s like, worst case scenario


i drew this yesterday

ah yes

art of OCs ill probably never use


I'm the chess player in my life, not just a piece.

↳  Margaery Tyrell + Manipulation of Kings requested by fangirls-anonymous

From “A Hairy Story” (October 1985. Archie’s Girls Betty and Veronica, Issue #338)

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One Gifset Per Episode ➸ Inuyasha

"This time for sure... I'll get it!"




The Hierophant: Phil - Chiron
The Sun: Thor - Apollo
The Magician: Tony - Mercury
Strength: Steve - Herakles
The Hermit: Bruce - Cronus
The Lover: Natasha&Clint - Aphrodite&Adonis
The Devil: Loki - Pan

Holy … I don’t even do tarot and I want this deck.


i want a gay best friend. by gay i mean lesbian. by best friend i mean girlfriend. i want a girlfriend

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