Snowball Fight Anyone?
You can see me?

My name's Jack Frost and I'm the guardian of Fun. Go ahead and say hi, I don't bite... normally.

M!A = Is in despreate need for release but can't get it without help (ends Tuesday)

(Independent Jack Frost rp blog. None of the art is mine unless stated. Might get NSFW. I ship mostly everything but my favorites are Hijack, BennettFrost and Dark Jack/Jack Frost. My Jack is a little bit awkward and shy when it comes to relations because he didn't really get the chance to date anyone for 300 years.)

Snowball fight anyone?

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making a typo and accidentally becoming either a scene kid or a homestuck character





Deleted tourist from photos

I have actually done this by hand, and holy heck, I wish I’d known about this method! This is brilliant.

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when your friends are talking about stuff you don’t understand but you still want to be part of the conversation




My ombre hair !!

oh my god its like flames

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